Fall in love with your hair again

Fall in love

with your

hair again

Ditch the products that secretly ruin your locks. Unlock better hair and the confidence to live life beautifully with our holistic hair care courses.

Take the 14 Day Hairqare Challenge

Holistic hair care might be your way out. Learn what it is you're doing that's secretly ruining your strands.

Replace harmful practices with good haircare habits and see results in 14 days with our beginner-friendly hair care course.
Your hair and scalp are giving you a hard time and you don't know what to do to fix it?
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Hairqare is hair care - done right.

Hairqare is the world's only hair care solution designed to help you reach your personal hair goals without complex treatments, consulting countless specialists, or wasting time and money on expensive products that don't work. Our online haircare courses and science-backed programs offer professional advice made easy for at-home hair care with faster, long lasting results.

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How you'll fall in love with
your hair again

Break up with your toxic hair products

Start with a clean slate. Break up the toxic relationship between you and the haircare industry. Gone are the weeks that started with a Monday morning wasted in front of the mirror, trying to recover your hair from using a product that didn't work as promised.

No harmful chemicals

Date your hair again

The routine templates and insider knowledge in your digital workbook and bonus eBooks will accompany you through the 14 days and beyond.

Packed with exclusive DIY haircare formulations, bonus courses and step-by-step instructions you'll create your own routines with ease.

Treatments tailored to your Unique Hair Profile

Fall in love again

Rekindle the flame. Fall in love with your hair and yourself to achieve results that last, with less effort and time.

A haircare routine you love

After 14 days...

You'll leave with

3 Haircare Routines that holistically address your specific hair concerns.

A homemade shampoo that's completely safe and toxin-free.

Knowledge of which supplements you actually need for better hair.

Visible improvements in your hair and scalp.

A new sense of self, more confidence and beauty - inside and out.

Our Student's HairQare Love Stories

What HairQare students thought of their experience inside our haircare courses and online programs.

Sarah makes it easy to understand and is genuinely and wholeheartedly interested in helping women gain their confidence and be healthy!

07:04 PM | June 22, 2021 | Trustpilot
Annalisa Corrigan

I've just taken part on the 14 day challenge and I cannot recommend it enough. Sarah is highly informative and she is clear and easy to follow. My hair has changed condition in the last 2 weeks and I feel that I have been given tools to improve the quality of my hair moving forward. If you want your hair to look and feel amazing... TAKE THIS CHALLENGE! Its worth every penny, you wont regret it ūüíĖ

04:36 PM | Nov 15, 2020 | Facebook
Lindsey Riches

This was an awesome experience! Loved being a part of the 14-day challenge with Sarah. Worth every second. Learned more here in 14 days than I did with 4 months of hair school at Paul Mitchell.

12:47 PM | Jan 02, 2020 | Trustpilot
Natalie Pan

My hair is already stronger and healthier. The course is well laid out, so that you gather information and are actively learning about products and how to keep your hair healthy. I had no idea I was actually damaging my hair by using my mask as a conditioner! Highly recommend the course.

01:25 PM | Nov 08, 2020 | Facebook

Sarah is such an amazing and inspiring woman who took us all on this journey of improving not only our hair but also our lifestyle.

10:39 AM | Nov 01, 2021 | Trustpilot
Emily Schumaker

You unlearn what you think you know, you learn what is true and going to benefit you. I have saved money knowing what to buy or what I can make myself for my hair. My hair loss and shedding went down significantly and I love the routine I made with the help of the 14-day challenge. This was well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone that wants a change for their hair!

08:49 PM | Nov 14, 2020 | Facebook
Aubrey B

Life changing! OH. MY. GOSH.
Honestly you guys, I was skeptical in the beginning. But I was also desperate, so I singed up. Well by the end of day 1 I already knew I'd made the right choice. Sarah provides you with tactical, tangible information on what you can do right away to change your routine and turn around your hair's health. It's simple, easy, and effective. It's an incredible investment in yourself.

11:24 PM | October 31, 2020| Trustpilot

Build your own sience-backed routine tailored to your needs

Take care of your hair with the help of MDs, biologists, chemists and other researchers who teach classes inside our programs.

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Take the 14 Day Hairqare Challenge

Curious about how to care for your hair holistically and break the cycle of buying products that don't work?

Build your own holistic haircare routine according to Hairqare principles and see results in 14 days with our Challenge. Even if nothing has worked for you so far.
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