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Welcome to the Hairqare Challenge


Β You’ve opened the door to a new world of hair care. Our entire team is excited to meet you. We’ve sent you a confirmation email for your order to your inbox. The password you just created is your key for accessing the learning platform, if you forget it you can reset using Forgot Password feature.Β 

Here is what to do next:

πŸ“ΊWatch the welcome video aboveΒ 

πŸ“§ Check your inbox to view your order confirmation emailΒ 

πŸ“œTake the preparation module to learn how to get startedΒ 

The Challenge starts when the countdown reaches zero

Take the Preparation Module!

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Click the button below to start the Preparation Course. You’ll learn how to navigate the platform, collect your workbook and go shopping for your DIY haircare ingredients.

Haiqare Challenge with Friends

More fun together! Share the 14 Day Hairqare Challenge with your friends and transform your hair as a team.

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