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14 Day Haircare Challenge For Healthier & Happier Hair

10 minutes a day, for 14 days and you can reduce hair loss, restore your hair’s shine, stop split ends and grow denser hair.

Works for women of all ages and hair types.

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works for all hair types

Quit guessing what works. Build the right routine for your hair. Fast.

◆ A clean hair care routine for stronger and healthier strands.

◆ A simple hair-loving meal plan to boost your hair growth, reduce hair loss and promote hair thickness.

◆ A quick morning routine to ensure you havea great hair day and more self-confidence for the coming day.

See results after 14 days
Say the Challenge is life changing
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See our 100% money-back guarantee

You're doing everything but see no results.

It's super frustrating.

-> You feel anxious every time you touch your hair because you can't stand seeing another bunch of strands fall out.

-> You've tried listening to influencers, friends, google or specialists but their recommendations make no difference to your hair... or even ends up making it worse.

-> You've tried all the trends: "natural", "curly girl method" and more. Nothing freaking works!

-> The amounts of hair sprawled all over the floor, or the hair balls you're creating in the shower make you wonder... how much more hair can I lose before I have none left?

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Split ends everywhere

Dry and brittle, messy

Frizzy and untamable

Dull and lifeless

Oily, itchy and ugly scalp

- Nina S. -

It's not your fault.

We've all been lied to about our hair.

Beauty marketing has one job. To make you believe that all your dreams will come true if you buy their next product. Then you will *finally* be beautiful...

What they are not telling you:

'Natural', 'organic',  'sulfate-free' are often just as bad if not worse than product that don't have those labels.

Being 'natural' doesn't mean that it's good for you or your hair. Lots of poisons can be found in nature.

They earn more money by giving you temporary relief than an actual solution, so you keep buying from them.

stop wasting your life feeling insecure

See results in just 2 weeks.

Reduced hair loss
Seeing your hair all over the floor or in your hair brush will become a thing of the past. Now you can grow thicker hair even as you get older.
Volume & shine
No more styling or blowdrying just to make your hair appear more full. With a holistic approach to haircare, your hair can be naturally full all the time with much less effort.
Hydrated hair
Can't handle your hair feeling dry and brittle daily? Now you can go days in between washes with hydrated and flexible hair.
No split-ends
Finally grow your hair longer without it breaking in the same place. Your princess hair era is coming!
Healthy scalp
Oiliness and flakes can leave you feeling embarrassed or unclean. With a healthy scalp, you'll be able to sleep well at night knowing that you'll also wake up with beautiful hair each day.
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5 min a day gets you a long way

You deserve to wake up feeling confident. Everyday.

Instead of constantly wasting money on products, it's time to make every effort you spend worthwhile.
Make your own DIY products.
Store-bought products aren't designed to solve your hair problems. Start cooking your own shampoo & conditioner using natural and affordable ingredients found in your kitchen. Your hair, your wallet, and the environment will thank you.
Grow your hair from inside out.
Your body will produce strong and healthy strands when you feed it well. Make your own nutrient-dense beauty drinks to nourish your hair from inside out. You'll see your skin, mental-health and overall well-being improve too.
Achieve beautiful hair, together.
Your hair problems can be a deeply emotional experience. Get support from 40,000+ women from all over the world inside the challenge. Your hair and your confidence journey is uniquely your own, but our community ensures you'll never feel alone.
Results are instant & forever.
Do the daily haircare challenges and see your hair transform. Apply simple and quick techniques that will bring immediate results. Then implement life-changing practices for long-term results and gain the confidence to live your life beautifully for years to come.
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Thoroughly Impressive!

I have been participating in 30-Day, 60-Day and even 90-Day hair growth challenges for the last 3-4 years. I learned more in the first week of this challenge than I did in all those years. Even better, the improvement in the health and strength of my hair was visible and touchable. Can't wait to see the results over the next few months!

Fran Gourdet
|📍US |Trustpilot

No magic product will save you or your hair.

But your choices can.

Natalie Pan

My hair is already stronger and healthier. The course is well laid out, so that you gather information and are actively learning about products and how to keep your hair healthy. I had no idea I was actually damaging my hair by using my mask as a conditioner! Highly recommend the course.

|📍GB |Trustpilot
How the Haircare Challenge works

Your best hair in...
30 min a day, for 14 days.

Step 1 - Receive daily coaching videos
Receive one video lesson everyday on our coures platform. Watch, learn, do the challenge. 30 minutes a day for better results you could ever imagine.
Step 2 - Customise your haircare routine
During the challenge, learn how to DIY your own Shampoo & set up your new routine with the help of the digital workbook and other resources shared through the program.
Step 3 - Start your new life with confidence
It's time to begin a new chapter in life. A chapter where you are your most empowered and confident version of yourself, with your best hair.
Step 1 - Receive daily coaching videos
Receive one video lesson everyday. Watch, learn, do the challenge. 30 minutes a day for better results you could ever imagine.
Step 2 - Customise your haircare routine
During the challenge, learn how to DIY your own Shampoo & set up your new routine with the help of the digital workbook and other resources shared through the program.
Step 3 - Start your new life with confidence
It's time to begin a new chapter in life. A chapter where you are your most empowered and confident version of yourself, with your best hair.
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What's Included

When you join The 14 Day Haircare Challenge, you'll receive resources to help you have great hair days for years to come. Click on each item to read more about them.

select an option:

🎥 Quickly and effectively build a healthy holistic haircare routine:

🌿 How to clean up your routine for healthier hair

👸 How to effectively introduce products that are good for you

🥑 How to fuel your body for better health and stronger strands

☀️ How build the perfect morning ritual that sets you up for a day (and life) of great hair and great health.

Daily video lessons and tutorials
Step-by-step routine guide

Easily track your daily results and hair progress.
Think of this book as your personal coach that walks you through the challenge and your journey to better hair, better health and a better you. Step-by-step, day-by-day.

🏃 Stay on top of your routine with daily tracking pages.

🥗 Templates to make building your new diets and routines super easy!

Holistic haircare practices
Haircare routine templates

Make your own clean and gentle DIY Shampoo with 7 ingredients! The best way to have full control over what’s in your hair care is by making your own.

🧴 Step-by-step video tutorial to create your own shampoo at home !

👩🔬 👩‍🔬No fancy equipment required, your kitchen is enough.

🌱 Best practices for making DIY home-made products which are safe to use and safe to store.

High-performance DIY Formulations
Customisations guidelines

Silicones and sulfates are some of the most misunderstood ingredients in the haircare industry. With this guide you’ll be 10 steps ahead of everyone who thinks all silicones & sulfates are bad and you’ll know how to leverage the different kinds for your best hair.

✨ Achieve frizz-free and silky strands every day.

📝 Minimise bad results and accidents by understanding the risks and benefits of certain silicones and sulfates.

🔑 Learn when and how often they can be used for optimal results and minimal side-effects.

How to use Silicones & Sulfates
Complete list of ingredient interactions

Make small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle for accelerated hair growth, reduced hair loss and boosted strand quality.

💊 Learn what deficiencies you have and overcome them easily and safely.

✨ Maximise your keratin and collagen production for thicker hair and plumper skin.

😌 Premium stress-release exercises to reduce hair loss.

Supplementation guidelines
Healthy hair diet plan

Avoid these harmful ingredients at all costs to preserve your hair health. Spoiler alert: they are hidden everywhere and almost nobody knows.

🧪 Easy to use tools to avoid these ingredients and never damage your hair with toxic products again.

👓 Look past marketing claims and learn the real scientific evidence behind each claim.

🐷 Save your bank account by analysing products before you purchase.

Ingredients you must avoid
Dos & Donts for Clean Routine

Reduce your hair loss by reducing your stress levels. You don't need to reach monk level to get amazing improvements. It's not about doing right, it's just about giving yourself a little space.

💁 30 days free access to Waking up App by Sam Harris.

🌿Reduced hair loss and better daily life.

30-Day free access to mobile app

Become part of the exclusive members-only Better Hair Community where you can share your daily missions and progress with other members.  This is the perfect place to retreat to if you're looking for a supportive group of like-minded women who are on the same journey of bettering their hair, their health and themselves! The community stays open for the duration of the challenge.

💁 Enjoy a safe space to form friendships with women who share similar values and goals.

👩 Receive accountability when you need it so you stay on track.

⚓️ Seek support, guidance and recommendations.

Supportive community
Accountability & inspiration

After completing the challenge, you'll be sent a completion certificate in acknowledgement of your effort towards bettering your hair, your health and yourself.

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Knowledge, tools and practice; My hair has already improved.

The knowledge and tools you are given in such a short time are priceless. The community is very handy and all your questions are already listed in the FAQ. You learn to take control over your hair, health and to actually put this into practice. I already see an immense difference in just two weeks. If you need help with your hair for any kind of reason; you should do this for yourself.

Michelle Nocon
| Jan 2022 |Trustpilot



- Isabelle -

Get your ticket to great hair

Better hair than with a salon visit.
For less.

14-Day Haircare Challenge Includes:


Today's special - Save 85%

14 Day Haircare Masterclass


14 Day Haircare Journal & Templates


Haircare Ingredients No-No List


Total Hair Wellness Handbook


DIY Luxury Shampoo Workshop


Silicones & Sulfates Smart Usage Manual


30 Day Hair Mindfulness Experience


Exclusive Members-Only Community


Haircare Product Analyzer


Certificate of Completion



Your hair needs you now.

Beauty marketing wants us to believe that we can 'repair' our hair with products, but the ugly truth is that hair damage is irreversible. The more you wait, the harder it becomes to get the results you want.

Hair damage is irreversible.
Marketing wants us to believe that we can 'repair' our hair but the ugly truth is that hair damage is irreversible. The more you wait, the more your hair will get broken every day.
The more you wait, the more efforts it'll take to come back.
The sooner you stop digging the problem, the less you'll have to climb back to get out.
As we age, our bodies get less and less efficient at repairing the damage... Today's year old is better than tomorrow's years old.
We can't get refunded for the years spent feeling ugly and helpless.
The beauty industry has taught us that there is always something wrong with us so we keep buying the next thing. Time to stop spending on empty promises and focus on what matters. You.
A great start for a haircare journey.

The 14 day challenge is a great start if you want to learn how to take care about your hair in a very wholesome manner. It provides you a nice platform, good resources, a lot of information, an easy to follow videos and a supportive community where you can share information and reach people with the same troubles, so you won't feel alone in this journey.I really really enjoyed the program and I'm so grateful for everything I have learned :)

Gabi Sancho
02:23 AM | Jan 16, 2022 | Trustpilot
Emily Schumaker

You unlearn what you think you know, you learn what is true and going to benefit you. I have saved money knowing what to buy or what I can make myself for my hair. My hair loss and shedding went down significantly and I love the routine I made with the help of the 14-day challenge. This was well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone that wants a change for their hair!

08:49 PM | Nov 14, 2020 | Facebook




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If you checked off at least one of the above questions then you might soon join the 40,000+ women who've already changed their lives with the 14 Day Haircare Challenge.

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select an option:

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Yes, the challenge will be delivered online. After signing up you'll receive a logging to the challenge website. That's where all the material becomes available too. It's all digital so you can access it any time as long as you have an internet connection.

What if I'm not free on the start day?

You'll keep your access to all the material so you can catch up if you fall behind. However, you'll have the most fun when completing the challenge along with other participants.

Will I have access to the challenge after it's completed?

Yes, you'll keep you access to the challenge material after it's completed.  This way you can catch up on any days you missed or even re-do it, if you want to. The challenge community, however, closes one week after the challenge ends as it'll be prepared for the next group of challengers.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes! Your purchase is 100% risk-free. If you join the Challenge and you don't like it, you can email us at [email protected] within the first 7 days of starting and we'll refund you right away. No questions asked!

Does the Challenge work for my hair type?

The Challenge is designed to work for any hair type. We've had over 40,00 students complete the Challenge so far and 92% of them said they see results after 14 days.We also created a Screening Quiz that will help analyse your hair concerns and compare them to the content we provide during the Challenge. If you are not a good fit we will tell you. Take the quiz here.

When does the Challenge start?

The next challenge starts on...

Sunday, April 3!


What if good hair days were up to you?

Spend 14 days completing the Challenge and gain the confidence to live life beautifully.

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