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Get the most out of your experience with us by getting familiar with our Frequently Asked Questions.

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💜 General FAQ

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Check your inbox! You got an invoice in your email inbox right after you purchased the product 🙂

The HairQare Refund policies vary depending on the product, based on their respective nature. 
To consult detailed information on this topic, kindly consult our Terms & Conditions.
The Hairqare Lab program has helped many women drastically reduce their hair loss to less than 100 a day. Anything above 50 hairs a day is something to watch, and above 100, it’s something to treat rather than accept as “normal.”
The Hairqare Challenge: 14 Day Hair Care Challenge is an introduction to the philosophy the Hairqare Lab is built on, so you’ll likely see your hair loss reduce as you go through the challenge as well.
Keep in mind that if your hair loss is caused by genetics, we won’t be able to heal the condition. However, the practices and treatments are likely to slow down your hair loss and help new hair grow stronger and healthier.
You can sign-up here.
If the enrolment is closed, please feel free to sign-up for the waitlist, and you’ll get an invitation to enroll when we open again.
We usually only take in a small number of students each time, so our team can provide adequate attention to each student’s hair.
However, if you are a challenge participant, you will get the opportunity to move to the top of the waitlist and apply at the end of the challenge!

Hair Growth Lab is our old brand name. We’re currently transitioning to our new name Hairqare (with a Q). If you want to learn more about the rebrand, make sure to visit our blog where we’ve explained everything there is to know.

So what is HairQare?

HairQare is a platform and a movement that provides holistic beauty and wellness education around hair and fights the misinformation around haircare currently disseminated by industry conglomerates. The 14 Day HairQare Challenge is our introductory program to the world of hairqare. For those looking to continue their journey after completing the Challenge, we offer a transformation program called Hair Growth Lab.

💜 Haircare Challenge FAQ

To balance the pH and make it around 4.5-5.5, you can add a tiny bit of surfactant to the formulation.
For example: for Shampoo A, you can add a little more Aloe Vera gel and for Shampoo B you can add a bit more Reetha Powder to balance it.
The best way to approach this is to build it up slowly. Any extreme dietary changes can be a little shocking to your body, so don’t feel the need to rush! Work out how much protein you have been eating pre-HGL and then build up from there! Also, try to incorporate some amount of protein into every meal of the day. For example, try incorporating legumes, tofu, nuts, seeds, etc.
We recommend getting protein from food sources as it is more bio-available. But to help you during these early stages, you can even include vegan protein powder to up your protein levels.
There might be some other ingredients causing the pH imbalance in your formulation.
Try to use pure green tea, distilled water, and pure aloe vera gel if you haven’t, as some of the products might contain additives that might be causing an issue.
Also, adding too much lemon juice just to balance the pH won’t be harmful, as it will ultimately give you the required scalp pH.
Before using the pH strips, make sure that they are working correctly!
You can check the quality of pH strips by dropping a little bit of lemon juice, which should give you a pH of about 2-2.5.

During the Challenge you might come across ingredients such as cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, or quaternium-22. Understandably, you wonder if they are the same as ingredients listed on the Blacklist (for example SD alcohol 40, atearyl methicone and quaternium-15). The answer is no, they are not the same.

We’ve listed the ingredients and their known synonyms in the Blacklist so you can rest assured that if an ingredient has a different name, it is actually a different ingredient.

💜 Hair Growth Lab FAQ

It is generally advised to avoid sulphates on your strands as much as you avoid them on your scalp. If you’re utilizing Shampoo A, Shampoo B or any other shampoo from our Luxury Haircare Formulation Guide, you can always add more gentle surfactants (like coco-glucoside or soap nuts) to boost the cleansing power of your shampoo. You can also get cleansing benefits from your conditioner, which contains emulsifiers that break down the oils in your hair without stripping the strands.

It is difficult to recommend products without knowing your hair type, so that’s where you should start. In fact, even a product with seemingly “perfect ingredients” still may not be right for you because of this.
The Hairqare Lab course gives you the chance to discover your complete hair profile and also includes product recommendations, to help!

You should use enough oil so that it can soak into your hair but not drip. It’s important that there’s enough oil to fill in the pores of your cuticles. High-porosity profiles will require more oil during the pre-shampoo step.

💜 Haircare Collective FAQ

The Hair Growth Lab program has everything for a full hair transformation, including all our popular resources that students love.

The HairQare Collective, on the other hand, is a less intensive experience. The lessons follow the same principles as HairQare Lab — science-backed, no bullshit, and everything is reviewed and tested by experts. However, HairQare Collective does not provide a streamlined step-by-step process. It’s more of a fun supplementary “adventure”. It’s designed to be fun and engaging and to keep you accountable. There will be good results that come from the teachings, but HairQare Lab is your full hair transformation experience that follows a set structure that has been designed to get you the results in the shortest amount of time, with fewer hiccups and money wasted in figuring it out yourself.
Water-based products usually only last about 1 week in the fridge, on average.
You can also preserve your products with a little Potassium Sorbate.
We recommend that you use about 3 grams per liter of product!
When exercising, you can use a silk or satin scrunchie to softly tie your hair back. Just be careful not to over-tighten your hair, since this could cause damage to your hair strands.
Also, a secure bun as a style for exercise/working out can also work, since usually, it is comfortable, stays in position when done correctly, and doesn’t leave hair swinging about (like a ponytail or braid), which could be dangerous in some situations.
But if your hair is too short to tie back, a silk hairband can be a great option to hold your hair out of your face while also being soft on your hair!
For Leisurely swimming, the best way to protect your hair is to wear a swim cap.
If the hair isn’t going to get wet-e.g. if you just keep your head above water, a bit of pre-poo (& UV protectant if swimming outside) on hair that is in a bun should also work well! 

💜 Luxury Haircare Formulation Guide FAQ

The Luxury Haircare Formulation Guide contains the following: shampoos (including dry shampoos and shampoo bars), conditioners, serums, moisture treatments, protein treatments, and oils.
These products can be used to create a completely homemade high-end hair care routine. However, to perfectly address particular concerns (i.e. dryness, breakage, hair loss, etc.), you’ll have to understand your Unique Hair Profile and tweak the formulations to suit your hair. Depending on the cause of your hair struggles, you also have to make use of the right lifestyle practices.
At this point, it does not include styling products.
There are three reasons you might be struggling to balance the pH of your shampoo:
  • Firstly, your pH test strips may not be working correctly. You can test them with a few drops of lemon juice which should give you a pH of 2-2.5.
  • Secondly, the pH of your water is higher, meaning that you would need more lemon juice to effectively balance your shampoo.
  • Thirdly, you might have added slightly too much surfactant causing the shampoo to have a higher pH. This would have then required you to use more lemon to bring the pH of your formulation to the right level.